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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Suitable primer for suitable skin tone..............:D

Hi, Everyone!!
Now, I'm going to help people how to pick out a suitable face primer for themselves.

      Colour tone                                                   Primer corrects skin tone

    * Very Pale white                                     White and skin colour (Beige) Primer
    * Yellow and dull                                               White and Purple
    * Dark skin                                                     Skin colour (Beige) Primer
    * Skin tone not even                            Skin colour (Beige) primer and purple
    * Redish skin, pimples and tiny scars               White and Green
    * Many Freckles                                   White, skin colour (Beige) and blue
    * Dark and many freckles                  Blue and skin Colour (Beige) Primer

NOTICE: If you are following any one of them please follow the procedure how i typed it.

e.g for very pale white skin tone. use a white primer then a skin colour primer on top.

Hope this helps!!



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