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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Korean Cosmetic Brands

Hi everyone, today I'm going to do something different but one of my favorite hobbies, which is introduce new make up brand to you guys.
Today i'm going to introduce Korean cosmetic brands that i use and brands that i hope to use from hearing good feedbacks from bloggers.
Just a little background information on Korea. Korea was not a famous country in the late 90's until a few years ago of a breakout of Korean pop music. It is also one of  my favorite genre of music. I am absolutely adore Korean music and i even went to Korea 2 years ago. It was a great experience and thats how i got to know about Korea cosmetics and how cute they are.

One of my favorite brand which cannot be found in any other country is Clio

Clio reminds me of Bourjois Paris with it’s cute packaging and baked eyeshadows and blushes. Clio is actually made in Italy but distributed in Korea. As I mentioned I haven’t seen Clio distributed anywhere else in the world aside from Korea but I could be wrong! From what I understand Sasa carries the line but I’m not sure where else in Korea you can purchase it.
The line contains plenty of beautiful, funky cosmetics that are sure to appeal to those who love a bit of color. If you’re looking for a natural, neutral look Clio isn’t something you’ll want to look into however if you love a bit of color this will be something you’ll enjoy!

Price is midway in my opinion with blushes running from about 18 Euro and eyeshadows at around 20 Euro. I’ve had little success locating Clio in online shops or on E-bay so if you want the line you’re either hopping a plane to Korea or asking a mate to pick you up some!

Should you happen to be wandering around Korea another cosmetic line to keep your eyes on would be Laneige. Laneige falls into the luxury group of cosmetics in my opinion but the price is tiny in comparison to some lines. Laneige sells outside of Korea and can be found in Singapore and China however some of the better items pop up in Korea and later are distributed to other countries at later dates. I haven’t seen Laneige in Europe but again I could be wrong.

Palettes are about $23-30 USD some lower. Prices vary from country to country and of course it remains cheapest within Korea.
The line is expensive, covering point, base, skincare, and other bits and bobs. It definitely has some very interesting items and if you have access it is worth looking at! I personally think Laneige is worth buying, because their creams and face washes are really good.
Next up Etude….

Let me introduce you to Etude. Now Etude is truly an awesome line. It’s girlishly sweet with some seriously awesome packaging. It definitely falls into a favorite category for me.When i was Korean Etude House is all over the place and it stands out so much that it is hard to resist to not enter the shop, even if i live in Korea. The range is very extensive and includes a variety of cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and other bits.
The beautiful commercials and adverts are especially appealing and cutesy! 

Etude is definitely Muse Approved for purchase! If you’re in Korea you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes open for products from Etude’s range! And if you don't want to go to |Korea just to try their products out. you can go to eBay which they are all over the net. just type in Etude House or go to rubyruby76 an ebay seller which i love. She is amazing and products are Authentic!!! Good service!!

Banila Co is another girlish brand that I adore! The new Spring Collection looks much like Clio’s dual shadows but the price is a bit lower at about 10 Euro per shadow. The highest item cost wise is about 25 Euro

If you like more high class, elegant cosmetic brand, then you should try out Vidi Vici. Vidi Vici is created by Lee Kyung Min a famous makeup artist in Korean. The line for me is a bit unappealing due to the elegant packaging. I’m more for cute packaging which could be why Vidi Vici fails to wow me. But i still would like to try it out because i heard good feedbacks from my friends. The line up is geared more towards the working class lady and has that air of elegance minus the kawaii feel about 90% of cosmetics in Asia incorporate into their collections! As you may have suspected the price range is also geared towards the mature woman.

 Missha is my first Korean make up brand i ever bought. That would be the Missha Perfect Cover B.B Cream. I absolutely adore it and i've tried other B.B. creams but at the end i went back to the Missha one. i've seriously re-purchase it over and over again. And now i cannot live without this. I think this is my number one on my list.

The price is average but on ebay its very cheap that sometimes i even would doubt its Authentic. But you can risk it cos its very cheap. But if you dont mind pay a little bit more you can go to the seller i talked about rubyruby76. She defo sells Korean cosmetic brands. i think its very safe to purchase products from her.

Have you heard about The Face Shop??

it is not a very popular brand but i came across this brand was because my favorite artist was the ambassador of that brand so i purchased one of their products. I personally think it is an alrite brand by regarding about their price for that quality. I dont have much to say about this brand because i only used one fo their products. But i will buy more of their products to try out to give a honest, non-biased feedback.

SkinFood............have you heard about it??

I never used any of their make up but i love the skin care products. Because it is made from natural veg, which really attracted me to use their product. and it feels GOOD!! :P

It is not that pricey, but if you are into natural substance, then this is the brand for you. They have loads of lines like: Tomato, Cucumber, Aloe Vera etc..........for toner, cream, face wash..........just anything you can think of, even for make up.........B.B. Cream
If you live in Ireland there is a store that sells SkinFood products. If you want to know comment in the box below.

Last but not least is VOV.

VOV for me has the feel of Kose as some of the palettes resemble those in the line even the Spring Collection has the feel of Visee with it’s mirrored compacts! The prices are about the same as Kose as well with palettes ranging from 20 Euro or so. The line up is appealing to all with it’s beautiful compacts and color combinations.
The line isn’t as expensive as some brands but does have it’s fair share of point, base, skincare, etc….
Overall, it’s definitely geared towards the fresh twenty something but the Muse isn’t twenty and she adores it!

Well…That’s all folks!

 I think i should stop here cos i think i'm gonna make you guys fall asleep, if i had to go on i can keep going  i have more brands like Innishfree, Rosee, Danahan Hyoyong etc.......

I hope you enjoyed this little adventure into Korean cosmetics! Do feel free to share some of your favorite Korean brands!
I’d especially love to hear from those of you within Korea about prices, favorite brands, etc…..

Comment box is open!

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone




  1. Such an interesting post! I know half of these brands with my favourite being Etude House! I would love to try the rest sometime too ^_^

  2. nice Blog :)
    i like it.


  3. Cosmetic is a need for any pretty girl who feels the need of looking prettier than others and for that she manages different sort of practices for her skin, body shapes blah blah... Best Cosmetics Brands for 2012

    1. yeah that is true!!
      But sometimes is a pain in the ar**!! :P


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