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Friday, August 12, 2016

Balenciaga Studded Leather Billfold Wallet in Red Review

Hi Everyone,
As you can see the title today is review on the Balenciaga Studded Leather Billfold Wallet. This is actually a mens wallet, but who cares..its gorgeous i dont care. Anyway....I saw this in the men's department and the minute i saw it i knew i had to bring it home. It was retail for 195e in Brown Thomas, there was only 2 colors available: red and black. However, if you go onto the Balenciaga online store there are far more colors available. I wanted the green one but red or black was the only option in Ireland and all other colors has been sold out on the online store, so i did not return the red one and kept it.

"Balenciaga's black billfold wallet is finished with covered studding that lends it rebellious appeal. It's kitted out with ample slots and note compartments to keep all your resources at the ready, yet still maintains a profile slim enough to comfortably slip into your back pocket."

Black matte-leather (calf)
Two bill pockets, six card slots, two compartments
Made in Italy
Comes with a dust bag

Here are some pictures of the wallet:

What I like about it:

Firstly, Love the style; wallet with studs

Secondly, the color is vibrant and its the perfect red that i like

Last but not least, its real leather. I love real leather products so its a plus for me that my wallet is a leather wallet.

What I don't like about it:

Firstly, the price. The price tag isn't too bad but would have prefer it to be more affordable since the leather isn't high quality leather.

Secondly, the leather is too hard, that its always pop open when i have some cards in it. Also, its quite difficult to slide the cards into the card slot as you would need to put some pressure and force it in for the first time.

Thirdly, it didn't come with a dust bag as stated on the website. So i went back and ask for one but they said it didn't come with one and i didn't want to argue and make a big scene out of it for just a dust bag, so i left it.

Fourthly, For some reason the wall of the wallet has become sticky all of a sudden. I firstly thought the stickiness was transferred from the money notes onto the inner layer of the wallet. After given it a thorough clean and left it to air dry. It still remain sticky. Regardless of the numerous times i tried cleaning it with water or some mild soap it still remain very sticky. Not sure why that happened, i assume that the inner layer had melted during one of the hottest days in Ireland, which was the day i found out that the walls were sticky. Also, e-mailed Balenciaga twice about the wallet but still have yet to hear from them.

Last but not least, It doesn't fold perfectly. I am a perfectionist so not being able to fold it perfectly parallel would drives me nuts. So i tend to not look and pay attention to it as there's nothing i can do about it.

Overall, Even though there are more cons and pros but i still love this wallet and will purchase this wallet if my current wallet issue was solved. However, I have still yet to hear from them, not asking for any compensations but I would like an explanation why this has happen to the inner walls of the wallet. However, despite with my wallet issue i would purchase it in another color if they re-stock the other colors such as green or orange.

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Alexander Mcqueen Padlock Tote (Small) in Black with Gold Hardware

Hi Everyone!
Today I am not going to talk about cosmetics or skincare, but share a handbag that i purchased and loving at the moment. I recently purchased my first Alexander Mcqueen handbag at Brown Thomas.
Here's some pictures of the handbag:

I took the keys off the bag since i dont like the keys hanging on my bag and it was hard to put it back on so i didnt :P

On the Brown Thomas website it says:
"The Padlock Tote Small from Alexander McQueen will add a hit of edge to your handbag collection. Instantly recognisable as a McQueen piece with its padlock in the shape of the brand's hallmark skull, the bag has been created from a black textured leather. Versatile styling options are made possible with its top handles and detachable strap, while the generously sized interior with its array of small pockets make keeping things organised easy. A covetable focal point for casual and on-duty looks alike."

"Textured leather, two top handles, detachable adjustable strap, gold-toned hardware, skull padlock detail, two way zip fastening.
Interior: textile lining, zip pocket two slip pockets.
Dimensions: H 21 x W 30 x D 17cm. Handle drop: 15cm. Strap drop: 55cm."
This handbag has become a permanent piece so it can be bought anytime in your local luxury department store.

What i love:
Firstly, the leather are super soft, which i love. Even though its a small size bag but it can fit alot of stuff in it, which is a plus! This could be due to the fact that the bag is shaped in a square shape.
Secondly, it comes with a lock and a key, the lock its in the shape of a skull. They come in silver or gold hardware and i chose the gold as i personally thinks that gold goes well with black than silver.
Thirdly, the zip is quite uniquely made, as the starting place to unzip the bag is at the center of the bag and not at the side which makes it easy to zip and unzip the bag. But also, it makes it easier for thefts to unzip the bag and steal things.
Last but not least, i like the length of the strap which can be used as crossbody or shoulder bag.
Now onto what i dont like:
Firstly, the price, its a whopping price of 965e, i dont think the bag is worthy for the big price tag.
Secondly, the leather is too soft that if i carry heavy things in it, the sides of the bag will stretch which causes the bag to lose its shape.
Thirdly, the bag isn't a true black, it looks more like a dark dark grey to me, not sure is it just the one i bought or its like that for all of the small tote bags of this range from Alexander Mcqueen.

Fourthly, the lock is quite heavy which is pulling the front of the bag down, but this can be solved very easily by putting it on when i need to use the bag. When the bag is not in use, the lock will be taken off.
Last but not least, the bag itself is quite heavy so i tend to have aching shoulders after using it since i love carrying a lot of things with me when i go out, which makes it extra heavy.
Overall, i do love this bag, but just wished that that bag wasn't as heavy as it is now and the leather hasn't stretch. Would i repurchase this bag, probably not but will definitely purchase another Alexander Mcqueen bags as their products are totally my-style for everyday fashion!

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Kildare Village Haul

Hey guys!
I recently went to Kildare Village to have a little browse around. If you do not know what Kildare Village is; its basically a big outlet of all brands. Example: Coach would have a store there and they would be selling last season or further back season for a huge discount. Over in Kildare Village there would be Coach, Furla, L'occitane, Tommy Hilfiger, Superdry, Ted Baker, Mulberry, Calvin Klein, All Saints, Juicy Couture etc.........

I havent been there for almost a year so i went with my friend who also havent been there for a long time too. we browse around and i got 2 items there; one from Juicy Couture and the other is from Jack Wills, and they both are not for me!

One of my cousin who had moved to England for a level 8 degree course and i know he is a fan of Jack Wills items so when i saw this jumper i bought it immediately. Also, this jumper was just 12e! It was such a bargain! Im sure he will love this.


I saw this key ring and i immediately thought of my younger sister. I was sure she will love this so i went ahead and bought it for her too. It was 24e. it wasnt bad as its really nice and feels really good quality too. So i didnt hesitate and purchase it.

I did see something i like, but i didnt want to purchase it since i already have a new purse; my current purse is a lilacy purple Pual Frank long purse. The one i saw at Kildare Village was a purse from All Saints which is one of my favorite brands. There was 2 that i taken a like to, but first i couldnt decide which one to get, second i already have a new purse so i gave up on purchasing them.

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone


Monday, June 6, 2016

How To Tell The Difference Between a Fake and a Real Beauty Blender

Hey guys, wassup?
I had always wanted to try the legendary Beauty Blender, but its no where to be found in Dublin, so i went ahead the other day and order the sponge online. Finally got it in the mail and i also purchase a fake beauty blender on ebay for 70c.

Here is my mini review and comparison on the real and fake beauty blender


Fake- Either in a plastic wrap or in a similar but noticeable differences of the real Beauty Blender packaging with the fake one.

Real: Always comes with a plastic transparent box

P.S. Pay attention to the real and fake packaging. The polka dots on the fake one is all over the place, however, the polka dots on the real one remains at the bottom of the packaging

 Fake-hourglass shaped (not necessary a hourglass shaped, but mostly the fake ones are in an hourglass shaped sponge form)
Real: Tear-drop shaped

Size (dry)
Fake: A bit bigger than the real
Real: A bit smaller than the fake

L-Fake       R-Real

Size: (Wet)
Please ignore my dirty sponges

Fake: Still a bit bigger than the real one
Real: A big smaller than the fake one

However, both had inflated quite alot.

Sponge texture:
Real: smooth but a little bit rough

Fake- Very dense
Real: not as dense (sparse)

Fake- Gives medium coverage and doesn't absorb much of my liquid foundation. Foundation does not look natural
Real-Gives light coverage and absorb a lot of my foundation into the sponge. Gives a natural look.

Fake-0.70c (depends where you purchase it)

Longevity of sponge:
Fake: Cannot reuse many times as the texture of the sponge is thick so its very hard to remove all products absorb by the sponge and takes a long time to dry completely.
Real: Very long lasting, very easy to clean and dries very quickly too, as its not as dense.

Conclusion: I prefer the authentic Beauty Blender as it gives better finish and a natural look. But the fake/counterfeit beauty blender is not bad too. It gives a nice finish as well, its actually quite a good sponge depending on what you seek for. I will keep on using my real Beauty Blender, but i think i will keep my fake sponge as well, when i want a medium coverage.

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Outfit Of The Day #2

Hey guys,
Today was such a good day and im not in college too, so i went out to do some shopping with me mam over at our local mall.
So here is my outfit:

Jacket: Sisley 
Top: Harley Davidson 
Shorts: All Saints 
Tights: Pennys 
Glasses: Polo Ralph Lauren

 Shoes: Insider

Bracelet/Necklace: Swarovski


Earring: Ebay

I did some splurging which i would feature it at a later stage, i want to gather more stuff first and then i will haul a big where i can share my favs with you! Also, it could be some tips for upcoming Xmas presents.

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

~~Concealers~~ Review~~

Heya guys!
Today i want to share with you the concealers i own.
I'm not a concealer girl, my skin is not flawless but i just prefer to use a high coverage foundation than using a conealer. Maybe the reason to this is due to i can never find the perfect shade of concealer for my skin. I am a NC20 in MAC, but i often use a lighter shade than my actual skintone; usually 1-2 shades lighter or even more, so i would need a huge range of concealer shade for my skin so im not bothered to purchase a whole lot of conealers where i probably would never use up.

Collection 2000-Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in Light
This is a light-medium coverage concealer. This concealer lasts very long and its not very dry and lasts very long. i wouldnt say it would last 16 hours as stated but it does lasts quite a long time.
Retails for 6.49e

Tony Moly Mineral Skin-Fit BB Concealer SPF30 in 02
This was bought due to the word 'BB'. I would BB creams and when i came across a BB concealer, i have to had it! This is a light coverage concealer, its nothing special i think. Just a normal concealer, that doesnt create dry lines around eye area.
Retails for 9e

Benefit-IT Stick
Got this concealer a while ago, it matches my natural skintone very well, and it glides onto the skin very nicely, but it only lasts for around 2 hours. So wouldnt recommend this concealer for people who are looking for a long lasting concealer. This is a light-medium concealer.
Missha- Signature Extreme Cover Concealer in #23
This is the thickest and fullest concealer i have owned. Its a creamy textured concealer and it covers almost any flaws on the skin. It glides on the skin very smoothly, but this concealer is more on the yellow side, which i do not like; as i already have yellow toned skin i do not want to be more 'yellow' than i am now.
Retails for 16e

Missha, Benefit, Tony Moly, Collection 2000

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Anna Sui Cosmetic Haul

Heya everyone!
Whenever i am on holidays over in Hong Kong and i pass by an Anna Sui store. I was so tempted to purchase something from there, but i was so broke i couldn't afford their products i regrettably bought nothing.

After saving up some cash, i can finally purchase some amazing product i have always wanted to try out.
Now here it is:

Anna Sui Liquid Foundation SPF20 in #100-30ml
I always wanted to try Anna Sui foundation so i bought this to try out. Retail for 45.50e

Anna Sui Lipstick Limited Edition 2014-Cherry Pink
I got this due to its packaging (total sucker for packaging). Retail for 31.28e

Anna Sui Star Lipstick M-370, 770
I could not not get this new collection from Anna Sui. The star shaped lipstick its so pretty and i had to get it. Retail for 32.70e

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color-#100
Such a pretty color for the cheek. I would not use this as a blush but as a highlighter. I need to use it for a few times to see how it works out and if i like it, i may get the other colors of blush too.
Retail for 38.39e

L-R: Foundation, Cheek Color, Lipstick 370, Lipstick 770, Limited Edition Lipstick

If you would like a review please let me know and comment down below.

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone