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Monday, December 26, 2016

Best Way of Using Dry Shampoo

Hello my beautiful people today, hope you all are very well!
Today i came across an conversation with a friend regarding dry shampoos. A friend of mine asks me why my hair looks clean without been washing it for a few days. I told her the very secret of mine was.....dry shampoo, but she told me she could not achieve the same results as i did. Therefore, i decide to share my tips and tricks with you all. Hope you all find it helpful.

No girls and guys should be ashamed in using dry shampoo just because it is advertised for people who does not wash their hair which it might meant to everyone that we are some lazy people. We as in many girls and guys out there that are busy with college or work that we don't have the time to spare to wash our hair for the next day or water has stopped that there's no way of showering. Regardless of the reason, the invention of dry shampoo is one the best things had happened in the last few years, at least for me. Well, let's stop the rambling and start with how i think it's the best way to use dry shampoo.

Hair Type:
I have super thick, dry and oily hair (combination hair type). My hair would become oily within half a day after washing so now you have a fair idea of my hair type.

How I Would Use Dry Shampoo:
I know many people would only use dry shampoo when they needed to example: in the morning, but after using it for years i realized that dry shampoo works the best when you slept in with it overnight, so here's how i do it:

Before i would go to sleep and prepare my hair to be in an acceptable non-oily look for the next day, i would spray a ton and i do mean a ton of dry shampoo all over my hair especially onto the roots and massage it for a minute or two. This would help to absorb all of my oils that is currently in my hair and also prevent it from getting oily. Then i would jump into bed for the night with the dry shampoo in my hair and DO NOT brush your hair after putting dry shampoo on.
After a good night sleep, i would spray some (just enough) on my hair and some on my roots and massage it.This is all done before you wash yourself. After teeth brushing and face washing, you can then brush the dry shampoo flakes off your hair. VIOLA! Your hair would be nice and matte and fluffy which prepares you in for styling your hair if you needed to.

Dry Shampoo Brand:
I believe any brand works the same so this method can be used with any brand of dry shampoo. However, i love using the Baptiste original formula dry shampoo. Since i had tried many brands range from low end to high end and different scents from Baptiste, i still find that the original Baptiste works the best with my hair.

Friendly Reminder:
I do not recommend to use this product often since it will clog our pores which may lead to complications in the future. At the end of the day, they are still chemical products which may be harmful to us if we 'consume' it often. So please use it when you feel you really need to or else, spare 5 minutes of your time out to wash your hair which would keep yourself away from harmful chemicals.

Till next time!

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone


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