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Monday, June 6, 2016

How To Tell The Difference Between a Fake and a Real Beauty Blender

Hey guys, wassup?
I had always wanted to try the legendary Beauty Blender, but its no where to be found in Dublin, so i went ahead the other day and order the sponge online. Finally got it in the mail and i also purchase a fake beauty blender on ebay for 70c.

Here is my mini review and comparison on the real and fake beauty blender


Fake- Either in a plastic wrap or in a similar but noticeable differences of the real Beauty Blender packaging with the fake one.

Real: Always comes with a plastic transparent box

P.S. Pay attention to the real and fake packaging. The polka dots on the fake one is all over the place, however, the polka dots on the real one remains at the bottom of the packaging

 Fake-hourglass shaped (not necessary a hourglass shaped, but mostly the fake ones are in an hourglass shaped sponge form)
Real: Tear-drop shaped

Size (dry)
Fake: A bit bigger than the real
Real: A bit smaller than the fake

L-Fake       R-Real

Size: (Wet)
Please ignore my dirty sponges

Fake: Still a bit bigger than the real one
Real: A big smaller than the fake one

However, both had inflated quite alot.

Sponge texture:
Real: smooth but a little bit rough

Fake- Very dense
Real: not as dense (sparse)

Fake- Gives medium coverage and doesn't absorb much of my liquid foundation. Foundation does not look natural
Real-Gives light coverage and absorb a lot of my foundation into the sponge. Gives a natural look.

Fake-0.70c (depends where you purchase it)

Longevity of sponge:
Fake: Cannot reuse many times as the texture of the sponge is thick so its very hard to remove all products absorb by the sponge and takes a long time to dry completely.
Real: Very long lasting, very easy to clean and dries very quickly too, as its not as dense.

Conclusion: I prefer the authentic Beauty Blender as it gives better finish and a natural look. But the fake/counterfeit beauty blender is not bad too. It gives a nice finish as well, its actually quite a good sponge depending on what you seek for. I will keep on using my real Beauty Blender, but i think i will keep my fake sponge as well, when i want a medium coverage.

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone



  1. i like the part where you said "excuse my dirty sponges" :) Don't worry girl I understand!!

  2. You should start a youtube channel! I think you would do great on it!!


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