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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Burberry Haul

Heya guys,
recently i went onto the Burberry website and i was so attempted to get their makeup. I saw many good reviews of their nice packaging and quality of the goods. So i went ahead and bought the items online.

Ireland does not have any Burberry counters/stores so buying online is the only option. I realize the prices on the website is actually pricier than it is sold in Hong Kong, like a few euros less. However, i wont be back to HK soon so i bought it online.
The website is really easy to use and i love how it has a different layout than others. 
It provides free shipping to any product, so i did a little saving on that.

Heres a pic of what i purchased:

Lip Mist-Feather Pink no.209
 This is a very moisturizing but sheer lip stick. I would personally call it a color lip balm than a lipstick i.e. Lip Mist. This is a very moisturizing *lip balm* and the color is a beautiful peachy pink color and it glides on beautifully on the lips. Retail for: 28e
Lip Glow-Tea Rose no.05
This lip gloss (lip glow) is my least favorite our of the bunch, because to me it feels like a normal moisturizing lip gloss but not extremely moisturizing so for the price i do not think its worth it. Retails for :25e

Fresh Glow- Nude Radiance no.01
I love this base as it gives a dewy look and it makes the foundation last longer and it really makes a difference with the base, I will write a spearate review for this in the future for a more detail post. Retails for 41e
L-R Fresh Glow, Lip Glow, Lip Mist

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone