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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Kildare Village Haul

Hey guys!
I recently went to Kildare Village to have a little browse around. If you do not know what Kildare Village is; its basically a big outlet of all brands. Example: Coach would have a store there and they would be selling last season or further back season for a huge discount. Over in Kildare Village there would be Coach, Furla, L'occitane, Tommy Hilfiger, Superdry, Ted Baker, Mulberry, Calvin Klein, All Saints, Juicy Couture etc.........

I havent been there for almost a year so i went with my friend who also havent been there for a long time too. we browse around and i got 2 items there; one from Juicy Couture and the other is from Jack Wills, and they both are not for me!

One of my cousin who had moved to England for a level 8 degree course and i know he is a fan of Jack Wills items so when i saw this jumper i bought it immediately. Also, this jumper was just 12e! It was such a bargain! Im sure he will love this.


I saw this key ring and i immediately thought of my younger sister. I was sure she will love this so i went ahead and bought it for her too. It was 24e. it wasnt bad as its really nice and feels really good quality too. So i didnt hesitate and purchase it.

I did see something i like, but i didnt want to purchase it since i already have a new purse; my current purse is a lilacy purple Pual Frank long purse. The one i saw at Kildare Village was a purse from All Saints which is one of my favorite brands. There was 2 that i taken a like to, but first i couldnt decide which one to get, second i already have a new purse so i gave up on purchasing them.

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone


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