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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Anna Sui Cosmetic Haul

Heya everyone!
Whenever i am on holidays over in Hong Kong and i pass by an Anna Sui store. I was so tempted to purchase something from there, but i was so broke i couldn't afford their products i regrettably bought nothing.

After saving up some cash, i can finally purchase some amazing product i have always wanted to try out.
Now here it is:

Anna Sui Liquid Foundation SPF20 in #100-30ml
I always wanted to try Anna Sui foundation so i bought this to try out. Retail for 45.50e

Anna Sui Lipstick Limited Edition 2014-Cherry Pink
I got this due to its packaging (total sucker for packaging). Retail for 31.28e

Anna Sui Star Lipstick M-370, 770
I could not not get this new collection from Anna Sui. The star shaped lipstick its so pretty and i had to get it. Retail for 32.70e

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color-#100
Such a pretty color for the cheek. I would not use this as a blush but as a highlighter. I need to use it for a few times to see how it works out and if i like it, i may get the other colors of blush too.
Retail for 38.39e

L-R: Foundation, Cheek Color, Lipstick 370, Lipstick 770, Limited Edition Lipstick

If you would like a review please let me know and comment down below.

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone