My sweet Stalkers

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Simple but cute

I have been  very busy and i only got 5 minutes to upload my new design.So here i go.

Ok!! Today's theme is simple but cute. (Like whats my title had said)

I got this idea from my sister's friends. They all are fans of bows/ribbons and i thought it would be nice to have them on nails too than just hair and clothes etc........
So.......need to thank my sister's friend for this idea which they might not know what does the "Thank you" meant. LOL

Sorry running out of time got to go.

Hope everyone like it and enjoy it.

Have a nice day everyone



Friday, November 26, 2010

A Token of my Gratitude!!

Hi everyone, today is one of most luckiest and happiest days. Guess What? I won my first giveaway. Extremely happy and hope you are happy for me too!! :D
Today here, i want to thank Candy Coated Tips for doing such wonderful giveaway and i was able to be the lucky winner.

You guys should check her out she has awesome blog with adorable nail designs.

Once again thank you Candy Coated Tips.

Heres a pic of what i got:

She was so nice.....she gave me a CARD!!
Adorable girl!!

Well...........hope everyone is gonna have a nice day



Friday, November 12, 2010


How is everyone doing??
I dont have much time now, so i'm not gonna say anything and just post up a picture of my nails.
A lot of people wants to know how i did this nail and i think i should share it with you guys ^^


1. Apply Base coat and then colour base in white
2.I used some arts stuff from my sisters kit. Theres one sheet of paper like has not holes but lines??(Not sure what they are called) I just placed it over my nails and paint over it and then i got those "fish nets" background.
3. paint the side black.
4. dot the side with white nail polish
5.i didnt have any nail polish brushes with me that day so i used an ink pen to draw those laces.
6.Fianlly top coat then Finish

Hope everyone can do a prettier one than mine.
If anyone is trying, if possible post it up and invite me to see it, because
I would like to know is my instructions clear enough, or else i have to work on it :P

Hope you like it.

Have a nice day everyone



Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Colours in the Night

Exams this week!!:(:(
Pressure Pressure.
I only have around 5 more exam to do so i'm ok and i'm just resting from my studies now, i'm using my break time to upload this picture that i designed years ago. Cant remember how long. I think is pretty (hope you think the same) so i want to share with you guys!!

Well.......i'm gonna say the same old thing (BORING!!)
Hope you like it.

Have a nice day everyone