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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Simple but cute

I have been  very busy and i only got 5 minutes to upload my new design.So here i go.

Ok!! Today's theme is simple but cute. (Like whats my title had said)

I got this idea from my sister's friends. They all are fans of bows/ribbons and i thought it would be nice to have them on nails too than just hair and clothes etc........
So.......need to thank my sister's friend for this idea which they might not know what does the "Thank you" meant. LOL

Sorry running out of time got to go.

Hope everyone like it and enjoy it.

Have a nice day everyone




  1. Hi, thank you for entering my giveaway, however you must comply with all rules for your entry to be valid. You must comment on two of my blog posts and the link in the sidebar needs to be a picture link. Just letting you know as I don't want you to miss out xxx

  2. So happy that everyone likes it!!

    aw..thanks Gina for telling me this.
    However, i dont know how to put a picture on my side bar!

  3. In the design section, just click add gadget and go to picture, you upload the picture and there is a space to put in the link and click save. Hope this helps xxx

  4. ah so cute ^_^
    your bows are very pretty! did you draw them by hand?

  5. Wow, this is really beautiful =) You are a real artist =)

  6. gosh, did you draw the bows urself?

    they are just adorable =D! cute!

  7. This is such a cute manicure! I love the bows!


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