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Thursday, August 21, 2014

B.B cream.

I dont know have anyone of you's heard about this make up product before, if you havent you get to now.
Full name for B.B cream is Blemish Balm cream. Its a tinted moisturizer. It works as a foundation, concealer (pore concealer), moisturizer. It also has skin aging, whitening and anti-wrinkle properties.Oh...and have a SPF 42 PA+++
The most amazing thing of this product is, it heals visible wrinkles and Blemishes!!
How good is that?! :D
You may think, why would i reccommend this??
Because its very handy, it smells like heaven and it benefits your skin. AND the most importanting thing is: you wont look like you have foundation on.
which your guy wont say " your a clown?!" Well........thats what my guy say. However, when i change from foundation to B.B cream he said he love me more now?!
thats................yeah @_@

but when you apply it on your face it highlights you skin and even out your skin tone.
P.S Relax it doesn turn you pink

It's a boosting cream. It lightens your face moisturize your skin any further.

This is for international skin tone. 
If any caucasian are gonna have a try buy No.21 which is lighter shade than mine.

Well...........i hope i wrote t=down all the info of B.B Cream because its so hard to think of it right now!!
But if you have any Q's feel free to ask. I'm always here to answer questions.

oh...........heres a video that BuBz did a review on the same brand and product of B.B Cream.

hope you guys enjoy it



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