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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Long time no BB-Haul!! @o@

HI Guys!
Im so so sorry for not blogging for so long as college work and all that jazz stuff thats keeping me busy. Im so sorry, so here i am with a POW! I will be reviewing BB creams that i own (not in dept) I will tell you the benefits and what it promises to give.
So *drum rolls.......*

Missha M perfect cover BB cream-50ml

I have done a full dept review on this product so im not gonna say much for this.

Maybelline Pure BB Mineral BB watergel BB cream-30ml

*Phew* such a mouth full product name. Anyway, it is a 8-in-1 skin transformer with an SPF 35 PA+++. It has light consistency and it gives a light-medium coverage. Suitable for everyday wear. I was told it comes with two shade; light and medium. However, mine is a "free" shade. So maybe mine is the older version or different places have more variety of shades.
Unfortunately, for westerners who is interested in trying out this product, this product can only be bought in Asia. Alternatively, you can purchase it online.

Physicians Formula Super BB cream-35ml

This is an All-in-1 Beauty Balm Cream with an SPF30. It is available in 2 shades; Light/Medium and Medium/Dark. Im in the shade of Light/Medium. It has a medium thick consistency and it gives a medium coverage and even though it says the shade is in Light/Medium, i feel like its more darker than medium, so for any who have really pale skin, this is definitely not for you. As i am a Medium beige for Bare Minerals and i still think its a bit dark for my skin. So wouldnt reccommend any people who have pale skin.

Mizon Multifunction Formula Snail Repair Blemish Balm Cream-50ml

Mizon is a Korean brand cosmetics which are famous for the snail cream, which i would do a review on it later. This BB cream has an SPF35 Pa++. It is a multifunctional tinted cream contains 45% snail extract that provides a silky elastic texture. I know when people sees the word "snail" would freak out. I know I know its ok i was one of those too.However, snail extract is suppose to regenerate your skin better than any other ingredients. As snail uses its slime to repair its shell, so now its used on our face. This BB cream has a silky texture as it claims, however, this BB only comes in one shade, when applying your face would turn grey-white but then slowly becomes transparent and becomes your own skin tone. Which is good for beginners who do not know their own shade.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Clear Stick BB stick-10g

This is a BB cream in stick form. It has an SPF21 PA+++. It claims to give you a clear, healthy, bare skin look, and flawless finish with shine-free for long wear. It has a creamy texture. It comes with 3 shades, 01 Fresh, 02 Natural and 03 radiance. It claims to give a 8 healthy-looking skin benefits:

1. Improve clarity
2. Lesser visible pores
3. Lesser visible shine
4.Long lasting shine control
5.Reduction in redness
6.Smoother skin
7. More even tone
8.More Radiant

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB cream-40ml

This is also a Korean cosmetic brand. It has an SPF 20 PA+++. It comes with two shade 01 Aqua Beige and 02 in Aqua Neutral. It has a smooth water-like consistency. It has alight watery jelly texture which is an very interesting product i would have to say.When applied onto skin its very cooling which is great for the summer. It claims to have oil-control properties in there; i wouldnt really say so. This product can be purchase online.

Mistine High Definition Super BB Powder-10g

Last but not least, A Korean cosmetic brand. This is one of my first BB powder that i have owned. It has an adorable packaging. I am a total sucker for packaging (guess every girl are). It has an SPF30 PA++. It feels very light on the skin. It has a medium coverage. It gives a flawless look and i think it comes with one shade as i've bought this a while ago and i lost the box. It doesn't say what shade is it on the case.

Thank you for taking your time in reading my post.
If anyone wants a more in dept review on any products, please comment on the comment section below and i will try and do all requests.

Hope you like it
Have a nice day guys!



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