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Monday, August 25, 2014

New Memebox!!

Wats up everyone,
Today i need to let you guys know Memebox came out with new boxes AGAIN!!
They came out the following:

#61 My Cute Wishlist 3

Description:This is a Memebox must-have for all you My Cute Wish-list fans out there! You’ll become weak to the knees at the sight of our box full of precious packaging, fun and cheeky names, and all things that are as cute as a button.

If you haven’t already passed out from cuteness overload in our previous My Cute Wish-list boxes, be prepared for a dizzy spell from the explosive levels of adorable in this third box! In all seriousness though, snag the latest addition to the My Cute Wish-list series because it surely will not disappoint!

[Shipping starts Oct 10th]
Price: $23.00+$6.99=$29.99

#43 K-Style 3

Description:Lights, camera, action!

From youthful and innocent girl-next-door looks to glamorous and badass beauty looks, KPOP idols rock the hottest, most up-to-date beauty trends in all of Korea.
Take these glam and glitz KPOP idol looks from on-stage to on-the-street and add some spice to your look!

Thanks to this 3rd K-Style Cosmetics Box, your makeup look spectrum will range from soft and neutral to flashy and bold looks

Take beauty advice from your favorite KPOP idols and steal the spotlight!

[Shipping starts Oct 15th]

Price: $23.00+$6.99=$29.99

#42 OMG 3

Description:If you’re a daring beauty pioneer that is open to exploring the wonderful wacky wows of Korean beauty, this OMG 3 Box is for you!

For the 3rd time, Memebox has searched near and far to bring you the weirdest, the coolest, and most eye-brow raising beauty trends in all of Korea. From bizarre and nutty ingredients to inventive cosmetics trends, the latest addition to the OMG series will bring even the most daring beauty devils to their knees!

Here, shop for a box full of weirdly awesome beauty products that might change your life, and your makeup wardrobe. Plus, this OMG 3 Box will be a great conversation starter – after dinner, of course.

[Shipping starts Oct 15th]


Hurry up and get these as they can be sold out any minute. I got the same theme boxes but in box 2 instead of 3. I still have not received them so i wont purchase the box 3 until i get my box 2. If i like them, i would definitely get the next boxes.

There are also some value sets where you purchase two boxes and you pay one shipping fee only.

Don't forget to check out the promotion code listed in my other posts: Memebox Discount codes

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone


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