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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Etude House Haul

Hi everyone.
Sorry for not posting up new posts for so long becuase i was so busy and had no time.
Did anyone miss me?? (Hope so ^^)

Today i'm going to do a blog on Etude House products that i own.
Well.............Lets start with pictures.

Etude House Lucid Darling in Orang #8

Etude House Lucid Darling in Lavender #5

Etude House VIP Girl in Idol Pink
Etude House Follow me in Hot pink

Etude House fresh Cherry Tint and Gloss

Super red and looks natural on lips
Etude House Color me Nude (Lip concealer)
Etude HouseDual Chnage Eyeliner Pen (Black) 

Etude House66 Big Eye Vitcara Mascara (Black)

Triangle Brush

 1st one on the top left :VIP Girl in idol pink
2nd one on the left: Lip concealer
1st one on the top right: Lucid Darling in Orange
2nd one on the right:Lucid Darling in Lavender
3rd one on the right: Follow me (Should be in hot pink, want exact colour check out my post underneath this one)

Overall, i personally really like etude house Products. They have pretty packaging and above average standard make up. Not very pricey, reasonable price.
So, i would totally recommend this brand to everyone.

Hope you like it
Have a nice day everyone



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