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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Gel Eyeliner

Havent talked to you's in a while.
Sorry very busy in school. Need to study for coming up exams.
Hope you had a nice day.
Today i'm going to share a gel eyeliner with you.
This is in black and aint the tube pretty!

i havent used much of it yet, so still quite new.

This is just the box that came with it.

The reason i posted this up was, it has a really outstanding package. Tube is so pretty. Its very black and it wasnt pricy.But the package says waterproof but to be honest its not. It doesnt smudge very easily but its definitely NOT waterproof.Thats the only negative feedback i have for this product.
If you want to compare this with bobbi brown and Macs gel eyeliner, of course this product is not up to that standard. However, the price for this quality is considerably good.

Thats all for today.

Hope you enjoyed this.

any Q's please ask!!



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