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Friday, September 5, 2014

Pauls Boutique Orange Raw Leather Stella Shopper Tote

Heres my story.........i went shopping with my mom the other day and we went into TKMaxx just for a browse. I didnt want to purchase anything as i have bought too much this summer. the minute i step my foot into the store and i saw the bag as it was a bright neon orange it caught my eye straight away. I really wanted it but i refuse to purchase it as i have mentioned i spend too much already. So left the bag as it is and went browsing around and then my mam brought the bag to me and said dont you like it. I already gave up on purchasing the bag but my mam brought the bag back into my vision. The moment i plan to leave it back down and then this lady came up to me and ask am i planning on taking the bag. GOD!! why are you doing this to me. i couldnt let it go and i purchased it at the end.

Heres a pic of the bag i bought:

I love the pink and the orange contrast. Many people may dislike this but i love how it goes together.

The interior is so deep and big. Perfect for a person like me who likes to bring everything with me, also its great for going on trips.

I love the accessories that comes with it, the color goes really well with the orange. Its different for every bag. So its one of a kind!

Heres are the product details:
  • Fastening: Magnet
  • Compartments: Coin compartment
  • Lining: leather
  • height: 15.0"
  • length: 14.0"
  • Outer material: faux leather
  • width: 3.0"

This bag comes with 6 colors: Black with pink strap, neutral with neutral strap or pink strap, blue with pink strap, brown with black strap and orange with pink strap.
It retails for 115 euro but i got it for 48 euro in TKMaxx, how can i not get this!!

Im loving the bag so much that i have been using it all summer. One downside to this bag is i wish the strap was leather as well. But overall im LOVING this bag.

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone



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