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Friday, September 19, 2014

Day out on a day off!

Heya guys,
I finally had a day off recently and i went to meet up with my secondary school friends which i havent seen for some time.
Its summer so i went for a summer look with blue and silver eye look and a bold orange lip look (in the pic looks red but its actually a pure orange color)

My outfit today is just a simple black top with faux leather sleeves, black jeans, leopard print in-sole converse-style shoes and a bright orange with a contrast of hot pink strap bag and earrings are a skull shaped made from swarovski crystals.

We went bowling and playing pool for a few hours and then we were hungry and went to get something to eat. We went to Captains America,cos we got the 2 for 1 deal card and it was very close by to where the bowling place was.

Captain America's does the best strawberry Daiquiri i had tried.

 Chicken and Cheese Enchilada with a side salad! YUM!!!

I had a great time with my friends, i was too into the games and i totally forgot to take pictures of our scores and everything. I will do more of these blogs in the future.I'm back to work again, hope i will have another gathering with these lovely people again sometime in the future.

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone


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