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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Memebox #33 K-Style 2 unboxing

Heya guys,
Im here with an unboxing memebox post.
Heres some images and information on individual products.

 Came n the same style of box, wish they have a different one from time to time.

Royal Nature Pantone Shadeliner in Black C

Price: $12

Product Description:
An auto-type and easily-glide like a gel liner. It comes in 4 shades. It includes a sharpener and it fully dires within 5 seconds of application and boosts to smudge a long-lasting waterproof and oil-proof finish.

RiRe Luxe Mirror Eyeliner in Black
Price: $14

Product Description:
This unique eyeliner comes with a tiny mirror attached to its bottle, making it easier for you to re-touch your lines whenever and wherever you are! Its strong against water, oil,  and sweat. It washes off easily with just warm water and a little bit of swipe, and its thin brush delicately fills in between the lashes for deep, well-defined look

Eglips Real Color Lip Lacquer in Red

Price: $14

Product Description:
This is basically a lip gloss, lipstick and a lip tint all combined together for the better! The trendy, vibrant colors leave your lips moist and radiant for all day long.

Shara Shara Color Eye Stick Shadow in PK01 Sugar Pink

 Price: $7

Product Description:
It glides on easily onto the skin and leaves a silky smooth finish. The romantic shadow is creamy in texture and comes in an auto stick-type, making it an easy-ti-apply must-have for even makeup beginners.

Original Raw Ten Cushion Foundation SPF50+ PA+++
 Price: $32

Product Description:
This is a makeup base, cc cream, moisturizing essence, moisturizing pact and a sunblock all in one smart item! With a single application, it'll smoothe, brighten up, smooth out, moisturize and cover up skin imperfections. it lasts all day long.

Secret-Stargirl S-Style 2 sets in no.9 Cat's Eye
Price: $7

Grand Total; $86

Overall: Its an alright box, nothing too suprising but im looking forward to use the Ten Cushion Foundation. I always on the hunt for sunscreen which doesnt break me out and this said to be a replacement of sunscreen and does color correcting (CC cream) too so im looking forward to this. I have a feeling that this foundation would become my holy grail!

If you are interested in checking these boxes out you can go to this url:

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone


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