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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Memebox Superbox #49 All About Lips unboxing

Heya guys.
Back with a unboxing post.
When i received the box i found it to be different to the normal memeboxes.
It was alot smaller than the regular ones. 

Top is the All about lips box
Bottom is the regular memebox

I wasnt happy with the size because it shows it will have lesser product than regular ones too and i was correct. It only had 6 full size items :(

Heres some images of the products:

RiRe Tick Tock Lip Gloss in 01 Salmon Nude
Need to press the button on top to reveal the brush

Price: $18

Product Description:
RiRe's sensation lip item, the Tick Tock Lip Gloss take a mere lip gloss to a whole different level with its unique push-down lid for revealing the lip gloss brush hidden inside! Not only its sanitary to use, it also offers a glossy colorful radiance that lasts for a long time.

Cheek Room Lip tint in 02 Orange


Product Description:
This ultra-nourishing and long-lasting Cheek Room Lip tint promises soft, easy-absorption and bright colors for a lively, eye-catching look for all four seasons. The Lip tint will stay for 2-3 hours without the need for reapplication.
Cheek Room Color Lips in 02 Pink

Product Description:
Give your lips dreamy voluminous look with moist, colorful, and smooth Cheek Room Color Lips. Recommended for those who want vivid colors and luminous pearling lips. the lip colors add vivid coloration to the lip and smoothing and hydrating effect.

Very Six 6 Seconds Kissing Lip Gloss

Product Description:
A tint meets a gloss and Very Six offers a new sensation with this 6 Seconds Kissing Lip Gloss that will perfectly paint your lips with the most natural and healthy-looking color radiance in just a single touch. Wait for 6 seconds after application, and it'll bring out the best color from your lips! The propolis complex protects and moisturizes dry lips as well.

Royal Nature Paint Mousse Lip lacquer in 02 OR315
Price: $24

Product Description:
A newly arrived mousse-type lip lacquer from Royal Beauty, the Paint Mousse Lip Lacquer glides onto lips lightly with a silky finish while leaving matte, colorful radiance that actually lasts all day long.

Shara Shara Petit Friend Tint Balm in OR01 Crown Orange
Price: $8

Product Description:
Designed into a crown shape with its signature character on the packaging. Shara Shara's Petit Friend Tint Balm is both a lip tint and a lip balm. While the mango seed butter and avocado oil deeply nourish dry, chapped lips, the lovely pink tint will stain your lips with a moist, radiant color!

Grand total of $87.

Overall: I like this box, but i just wish they had not given me 3 similar or almost identical shade of lip products. It confuses me of which one i should try first. lol

If you are interested in checking these boxes out you can go to this url:

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone


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