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Saturday, September 25, 2010


H2O+: Hydrating Treatment
I really like this cream cos its very hydrating and it does feels like it gives me 8 glasses of water to my face just like the advertisement have said.This is a day and night hydrating cream but i use it as a night cream cos its too sticky for a day cream. If you apply it in the day you cannot put any other cream or make up on it cos its too watery. The cream itself is like a gel a watery el which is quite nice and the smell is fantstic! it smells like water!!
you may think water has a smell?? i dont know.......its smell like sumthing but cant tell wat smell is it, so i just call it a water smell!!
I love this product.......i would totally reccommend!!
If anyone of you's have really dry skin, try this for a few days and i promise you that you will see the difference between what your skin was and after using the cream.

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