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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eye make up remover

Have you ever come across a problem with eyelashes falling off when you tried to take your mascara off?
If you do!
You would no need to have this problem anymore!

This is an eye/lip make up remover by Beautymaker.

Shake bottle well until you see the two layer becomes one( like the picture at the bottom)
 This is my.........dunno how many bottles i've got but this is the best. I've never falling a single eyelash from the moment i use this product.
I used to use Estee Lauder and all expensive brands but they dont have as much affect as Beautymaker.
This was about 10 euro.
which isn't that bad.
well......thats it for today.
Hope you enjoyed it!!

If have any Q's please ask


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