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Saturday, September 18, 2010

How to make mini strawberry nails

 The good point of the mini strawberry nails is that even your nails are short but it still look good on it.

I used....
MAJESTY GLITTERY GREEN                        

miss sporty red

                                                         and white nail polish

How to do.
1.paint the base coat
2.after its dry paint your nails red
3after its dry use a use a dotted pen
4.dip the pen into the white polish and gentle dot it on the red nail about 5 times (well as many times as you like, its really up to you! ^^)
5.after dry, use green polish and paint the tip of your nails to look like strawberry leaves just like whats in the picture above.
6.after that, put top coat on and FINISH! its so easy if have any questions please ask.


  1. I miss you Heli!
    I wnat to see you!
    I miss you making really cool stuff in class
    and when you did that strawberry nail for me!
    Its really nice by the way. :D


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