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Friday, September 2, 2016

Favourites of the month August Edition

How are all of you's keeping?
I just realized that i have not done a fav of the month, so i've decided to do one now. I actually have quite a lot of items that i really like and have been using for the past month or so. They are the following:

Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion (Refill)

I always heard great things about this foundation so i went ahead and bought only the refill, as its quite pricey to buy the case and the refill. The refill itself is already 23e (ebay) and the case is around the same price as well. Also, the refill fits perfectly in my IOPE cushion case which i have used up the product so i just slot the Sulwhasoo refill into the IOPE cushion case. I love this cushion, it provides good coverage and has many benefits in it, since Sulwhasoo is famous for their skincare. Therefore, its great for the skin.
If you like me to do a review on this cushion, let me know down below! ;)

Marc Jacobs black and sea-cret pencil eyeliner

This is my absolutely favoruite eyeliner for the past month. It doesn't budge on my waterline (which is very hard) and it lasts for the longest out of all the eyeliners i've used, even my past favourite the rimmel scandalous eyeliner. It retails for 25e at Sephora over in Milan.

Christian Louboutin Lipstick in Bikini
                Flashlight                                   No Flashlight       

I splurged heavily on a 80e lipstick and at first i hated it, i thought its too thick and smells much like plastic which was absolutely disgusting to my sense.
I left it in my drawer for a couple of weeks and as i was clearing my stuff out and i decided to give it another try since its an expensive item to give away. I LOVE IT! I dont have a clue what i did differently that i would like it now and not back then. I love the color and it lasts for a good while. What i most love about this lipstick is that it doesnt transfer on my teeth. Ive never came across a lipstick that does not leave me to suck on my thumb (to prevent lipstick transferring). I think im going to buy more of these lipstick. so stay tune!

Bioderma Makeup Removing Micelle Solution

I know I know! This had being raved about for a long time, but this wasnt available in Ireland until now, so i took the opportunity to purchase this when i spotted it in my local chemist (boots). Absolutely in love, change my world with taking off my makeup. Its not drying nor irittate my skin. I've tried other brands of the miceller water and none compare to this. I finally understand why this was raved about so much. I got this in a set of 3 with sizes of 500ml,250ml,100ml for the price of 310HKD=approx 31e

Prori Aroma Ac Moisture Gel Mist

If you have been reading my blog posts you should have seen this been mentioned in my memebox unboxing post. I've tried many face mists and none of them moisturize my face that well as the Prori one. This is a gel mist and it comes out a bit thicker than normal face mist but its not tacky or sticky. It feels really good on the face. Would recommend anyone who wants a moisturizing face mist. However, the only complain i have for this baby here is that its quite big, not travel or handbag friendly. If they have a smaller version i would totally buy it. It retails for $24/20e

DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum

This is a game changer product for my stubby, short Asian lashes. I would apply this before my mascara, it would lengthen my lashes and curl them without the need of a curler. After using this product i stop reaching for my Koji eyelash curler as it wasnt needed. Anyone who has the same type of lashes as me, should definitely buy this product. Promise you its worth the money. It retails for 22e

Etude House Eraser Show Remover Bar

As many of you had experienced a bad day with the wing eye look or some transfer of mascara onto the eyelid-this is a life saver, it is a cotton bud fill with makeup remover in the center. its easy to correct any mistakes and easy to carry around. So loving it. It retails for 8e

Blithe Patting Water Pack-Rejuvenating Purple Berry
I love this product. It smells divine and it leaves my skin soft, but it leaves some sticky feeling to it but not alot, so its fine. It claims to remove dead cells, deliver moisture and nutritions. Can't tell about the removal of dead cells but deliver of moisture and nutritions definitely happened. This is a must try item!

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone

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