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Friday, August 12, 2016

Balenciaga Studded Leather Billfold Wallet in Red Review

Hi Everyone,
As you can see the title today is review on the Balenciaga Studded Leather Billfold Wallet. This is actually a mens wallet, but who cares..its gorgeous i dont care. Anyway....I saw this in the men's department and the minute i saw it i knew i had to bring it home. It was retail for 195e in Brown Thomas, there was only 2 colors available: red and black. However, if you go onto the Balenciaga online store there are far more colors available. I wanted the green one but red or black was the only option in Ireland and all other colors has been sold out on the online store, so i did not return the red one and kept it.

"Balenciaga's black billfold wallet is finished with covered studding that lends it rebellious appeal. It's kitted out with ample slots and note compartments to keep all your resources at the ready, yet still maintains a profile slim enough to comfortably slip into your back pocket."

Black matte-leather (calf)
Two bill pockets, six card slots, two compartments
Made in Italy
Comes with a dust bag

Here are some pictures of the wallet:

What I like about it:

Firstly, Love the style; wallet with studs

Secondly, the color is vibrant and its the perfect red that i like

Last but not least, its real leather. I love real leather products so its a plus for me that my wallet is a leather wallet.

What I don't like about it:

Firstly, the price. The price tag isn't too bad but would have prefer it to be more affordable since the leather isn't high quality leather.

Secondly, the leather is too hard, that its always pop open when i have some cards in it. Also, its quite difficult to slide the cards into the card slot as you would need to put some pressure and force it in for the first time.

Thirdly, it didn't come with a dust bag as stated on the website. So i went back and ask for one but they said it didn't come with one and i didn't want to argue and make a big scene out of it for just a dust bag, so i left it.

Fourthly, For some reason the wall of the wallet has become sticky all of a sudden. I firstly thought the stickiness was transferred from the money notes onto the inner layer of the wallet. After given it a thorough clean and left it to air dry. It still remain sticky. Regardless of the numerous times i tried cleaning it with water or some mild soap it still remain very sticky. Not sure why that happened, i assume that the inner layer had melted during one of the hottest days in Ireland, which was the day i found out that the walls were sticky. Also, e-mailed Balenciaga twice about the wallet but still have yet to hear from them.

Last but not least, It doesn't fold perfectly. I am a perfectionist so not being able to fold it perfectly parallel would drives me nuts. So i tend to not look and pay attention to it as there's nothing i can do about it.

Overall, Even though there are more cons and pros but i still love this wallet and will purchase this wallet if my current wallet issue was solved. However, I have still yet to hear from them, not asking for any compensations but I would like an explanation why this has happen to the inner walls of the wallet. However, despite with my wallet issue i would purchase it in another color if they re-stock the other colors such as green or orange.

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone


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