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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November GlossyBox

Hey guys, wassup?
I'm back with a glossybox unboxing post. I still have not receive my October box, so for now i would have to skip the October box and move onto the November one. So look forward to my next 3 months of glossybox unboxing!

Heres the unboxing post:

This month it has no suprises. Unlike the last 2 months where there is a different looking glossybox. Hope next month it will be different so i can recycle them by using it as a storage compartment.

Lollipop Make Up Eye Pencil:

Product Description:
This retractable pencil provides a deep color finish with a long-lasting results. Contains vitamin E with anti-ageing and anti-radical action.


Burts Bees Lip Shine:
Product Description:
100% natural, sheer color enriched with moisturizing Apricot Wax glides on lips for a sweet and super shine your lips shine as much as your personality.


H20+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment:
Product Description:
This is oil-free moisture gel delivers deep hydrating while minimizing the appearance of fine lines.
Price:£27.50 for 50ml

MONU Skincare Firming Fiji Facial Oil:
Product Description:
A facial oil containing plant oils to nourish and protect whilst firming and toning the skin.
Price:£26 for 100ml

HealGel HealGel Body:
Product Description:
The easily absorbed and delicately formula will nurture, smooth, and regenerate troublesome areas of the skin while helping to retain moisture throughout the day.
Price:£39.50 for 100ml

Overall: I'm not happy nor happy with this months box. But there is one product i am very interested in using and its the Lollipop Paris eyeliner.

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone


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