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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Air Cushion Compact By IOPE

Hey guys, im back with a review on the famous BB cushion.
Air cushion foundation is foundation that is in a compact form and when opened up it has a sponge soaked with liquid foundation. It comes with a special applicator that does not absorb the product and it applies very evenly on the face. Using the given applicator it gives a healthy bouncy dewy skin finish. As this was a big hit in Asia many brands have there own Air cushion but IOPE was the first brand who came out with this idea, so i went for the 'mother' brand of this product. I purchased this on Ebay as this brand is not available in Ireland only in Asia maybe in the USA. I purchased this for 30 euro. It may seem pricey but it also comes with a refill so its a bargain i would say.

There are only 2 shades: shade 21 (fair) and 23 (light), but it has 3 finishes of fair and light shade; one is Full coverage, natural finish and a shimmer finish.:

  • 3 Finishes: Natural Finish (N), Full Coverage (C), and a Shimmer Finish (S).
    • C No. 21- Full Coverage in Fair
    • C No. 23- Full Coverage in Light
    • N No. 21- Natural Finish in Fair
    • N No. 23- Natural Finish in Light 
    • Shimmer No. 22- Shimmer Finish
I bought the shade C23, i wanted full coverage, but even though it states that its full coverage i would say its only light to medium coverage. It doesnt completely cover up my acne scars and imperfections on my face.

The IOPE air cushion has an SPF of 50 and a PA+++. I love when my foundation or BB creams has a high SPF and PA, which means i do not need to wear sunscreen underneath my foundation.

( If you want to know what does SPF and PA mean, comment below and i will do a blog post of it)

Conclusion: I like the idea of the Air cushion, its handy to bring along for re-applying the look throughout the day. It comes with the applicator with the product and it does not spill and its not made of fragile material. I would say its good for carrying it around. About the product itself, i prefer it be more full coverage that medium coverage.

Would i purchase this product again, yes but not this brand. I want to try other brands of air cushion and compare them. Im interested in Hera or laneige air cushion, i heard its pretty good. So when i finish with this product i will go ahead and purchase it.

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone


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