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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector Base Review

Heya everyone!
Recently i went to Space N.K again! and they had brought Becca to the store (inner celebration). I always wanted to try out their products. I didnt want to get more foundations as i have many queuing in my drawer for me to use. But i found something that i do not have much *chuckle* and its a base. I have a very oily T-zone so i always wanted my products to be matte and Becca has a famous Matte primer which i have heard many good reviews of this product, therefore, i went ahead and purchase this product.

This product claims to be: 
A targeted oil-control primer that perfects and minimizes pores for mattified skin that lasts up to 12 hours.
Go beyond extending makeup wear to address the root cause of why your makeup moves. This formula specifically targets oil-prone areas and acts as liquid blotting paper to leave your skin fresh and matte all day. Use alone, before, or after foundation to control excess oil, while minimizing the appearance of pores. Feel free to use throughout the day to touch up areas of concern.
This product eliminates excess oil for long-lasting matte skin. The formula is sweat- and humidity-resistant and free of silicone, oil, alcohol, and fragrance.

Texture feels like vaseline and its a clear base

My Verdict: I really like this primer it does exactly what it claims to do, except the poreless part, im not sure does it really minimize my pores as i dont have large pores so the result is not very obvious. The texture is different to my other primers, its thick and have to be quick to spread it around or else it wouldnt spread. I find it hard to use it primer alone, as my foundation does not glide smoothly over skin. I would need to use another light primer on top of this product. The shine-free effect is instant and it lasts very long, however, it does dry out the skin, so i would recommend to use only on specific area where sebum appears the most; T-zone and chin.

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone


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