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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Eh...........Help me out guys. Give it a name.

Hi everyone, today i'm going to present you a nail design which i love and cannot think of a name. Help me!

I got this idea from a brand call Dolly wink by Koji. It is a Japanese make up brand with very cute nail polishes. I love their make up and polishes, so i decided to use their product and got inspired by their packaging.

Hope everyone likes it and enjoys it.

Have a nice day everyone




  1. So cuuute!
    i love it!
    This brand seems really cool too!
    I do't know why your mani reminds me mario ^^"

  2. oh yeah it does. Haha~~ never thought of that.

  3. Skittle bow mani might be a good name...or not xD But I love them, they're so cute!

  4. thanks. thats a very cute name!! i think i might use that!!

  5. These are absolutely adorable! I love the soft colors and the polka dots. Such a fun mani!! Love your blog!

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